eGift Cards

How to Order eGift Cards

eGift Cards can be ordered from our online eGift Card order page, where you can choose an eGift Card amount, time of delivery, as well as add a personal message and the recipient’s information. You will also enter your payment information and receive an email confirmation of your order.

How Recipients Can Check Their eGift Card Balance

You can check your eGift Card balance from the original eGift Card email by clicking on the “View Your eGift Card” button. The page will have information about the card balance, transaction history, methods for redemption, and the original gifting message.

How We Accept eGift Cards

At the box office, eGift Card recipients can provide the 16 digit redemption code provided in their eGift Card email (see example below) or we can look up their email or phone number in our customer directory.

Please note: eGift cards can only be used for sales at the box office and will not work on Brown Paper Tickets (our designated site for pre-purchasing tickets). We invite recipients of the eGift card to email us at to let us know what night(s) they will be using their eGift card and we will put them on the will call list to guarantee them a spot on a busy night. We want to make sure they can use their eGift card on a night when we may have a lot of pre-sales. The sooner they email us the more we can guarantee them a spot on their desired night. We look forward to seeing them at the production(s) of their choice!

Thank you for your support in purchasing an eGift card!

Example eGift Card

Example eGift Card

Viewing a Gift Card

1. Click on the “View Your eGift Card” button in the eGift Card email.
2. Select to either set up the card with a phone number or use the 16 digit code provided in the eGift Card email.

View eGift Card Step 1

3. Select an option for viewing and using the eGift Card.

3a. If choosing to set up a phone number:

View eGift Card Step 2

3a1. Enter a phone number and click Next.

3a2. Click “See Your Gift Card Balance”. Skip to Step 3c.

3b. If choosing to set use the 16 digit code:

3b1. Click “No thanks, I’ll just use the 16 digit code.”

3c. View the eGift Card balance. 

View eGift Card balance.

eGift Cards can be ordered from our online eGift Card order page.