An Evening of One Acts

February 10–25, 2017

Valley Center Stage

An Evening of One Acts presents the following line-up of short plays:

Mr Nep?  is a funny, thought-provoking play written by local actor and playwright, Peter Cook.  Mr. Nep, who is in a desperate situation, arrives at Dr. Grunden’s clinic needing a new brain. His survival depends on it but he doesn’t want a new one, no matter how wonderful the options. Meanwhile, Dr. Grunden, who isn’t used to treating conscious patients, fumbles trying to communicate the immediacy of the situation.

Not Enough Rope, by Elaine May, is a dark comedy taking place in a boarding house, where Edith, alone and lonely, puts her fate in the hands of her new neighbor, Claude, who seems oblivious and uninterested in the depths of Edith’s plight.  While accommodating to a fault, Claude remains more interested in unpacking and playing his drums which drowns out Edith’s pleas for help and wakes up the elderly neighbor who joins the fracas. Chaos ensues!

OMD is a hilarious romp written by Seattle playwright, Ruth Perlman. Taking place at a country home just outside Paris during the 18th century, Monsieur Roussel finds himself at loose ends after losing his job as advisor to King Louis XVI. He is out of favor with the court, challenged to find new employment and forced to live with his daughter and son-in-law. In order for Roussel to become employable again, his daughter insists he practice using the latest communication machine, a practice that desperately tries the patience of his busy son-in-law.

Who Am I This Time? is a  short story written by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and adapted for the stage by George Sergel.  The story centers around Harry Nash, an extremely introverted man, with a real-life personality as blah as the leaf rakes in the hardware store where he works. Through amateur theatrics, Harry finds the identity he lacks in life, fully becoming the characters he portrays… until the curtain falls.  His co-star, new to the theater, unknowingly falls in love with the Harry on-stage not realizing that Harry disappears in more ways than one once the performance ends.