Staged Reading FAQ

What is a staged reading? A staged reading is theatre in its purest form. No set, no props, no costumes. The lights will not turn on and off. Actors interact and perform the story with scripts in front of them. Some stage directions will be read to help set the scene. The closest approximation would be listening to an audiobook that is all dialogue. Or watching a radio play (with no sound effects).

Why do a staged reading instead of a full production? There are more stories to tell than any theatre could conceivably produce and each one has a cost associated with it. Staged readings allows audience members to experience more great stories at a lower cost to the theatre. Win-win!

Isn’t a staged reading just a “practice” for a later production? Some staged readings serve that purpose. However, this staged reading will not be used in that manner. It is its own production. One night only.