About Us

Valley Center Stage is a part of North Bend Community Theater, a non-profit theater arts organization devoted to igniting the spontaneous creative spirit that exists in all people.

Valley Center Stage has been presenting variety shows, plays and special events since 2003.

Donations are always important and vital to our continued operation and growth.  We greatly appreciate and encourage anyone wishing to support Valley Center Stage to please do so. And, it’s easy! Please see A Note to Our Donors for more information.


Our Board of Directors

  • Jim Snyder – President
  • Wanda Boe – Vice President
  • Peter Cook – Treasurer
  • April Davis – Secretary

Board Members

  • Brenden Elwood
  • Wynter Elwood
  • Julie Lester
  • Craig and Kristin Lockwood

Business Operations

  • April Davis – Business Operations and Managing Director
  • Open – Box Office Manager
  • Open – Concessions Manager
  • Open – Light and Sound Manager

Artistic Director

  • Mike Schmidt


  • Jim Snyder – Sets Architect and Chief Engineer
  • Mark Bryant – Sets Engineer
  • Rich King – Sets Engineer
  • Brent Farnsworth – Sets Engineer
  • Mike Schmidt – Sets Artistic Lead
  • April Davis – Props Engineer


  • Rebecca Steidle


  • Wynter Elwood – Marketing Director
  • April Davis – Coordination and Creative Formation
  • Natalie Collins Bryant – Social Media Manager and Calendars
  • Margaret Zatloukal – Newsletter and Interviews
  • Rosalind Chaffee – Photography
  • Mike Schmidt – Arts and Creative Expressions
  • Ashlie Walter – Press Secretary
  • Melissa Collins Henderson – Copy Writing


  • Gary Schwartz
  • Craig Ewing
  • Rebecca Rappin

Special Thanks

  • Ed Benson
  • Brandon Camouche
  • Amelia Medina
  • René Schuchter
  • Rochelle Wyatt

At VCS we are dedicated to promote and produce theatre in all its variety through collaborative artistic effort and view entertainment as an important area of human activity, community, and growth.

We hope to both create and enrich community life by offering new and inventive avenues for participation.

We strive to offer a rich and enriching spectrum of experiences with variety and fullness of representation in mind: genre, theme, style, format and social equity are key factors in our decision-making process.

We provide a supporting, safe place for the curious or the committed to participate in theater. All people of all levels of experience are welcome and all perspectives are valued.

We offer opportunities to explore, develop and participate in theater and its associated arts. The processes of Design, Production and Performance are open to the interested. We endeavor to create a safe and supporting atmosphere for all.

We believe in the life-affirming power of the Arts and seek to share this in the stories we might tell. Our goal is to share the work with the community at large in a way that excites hearts and imaginations, promotes open dialogue and enriches the artistic and cultural life of our area.